Since I am beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I am writing a series of posts on what I’ve learned, my experiences, my challenges, and what tools that I’ve used to overcome the hurdles/obstacles involved in the business.

I am starting, building, and running an entrepreneurial venture, Aidan Mack Productions. It consists of three divisions, an entertainment, coaching, and video production and studio facility services.

Right now, Aidan Mack Productions is actively focusing on two divisions, which are an entertainment and coaching.  The TV talk show, “The Aidan Mack Show” is a thirty minute talk variety show that has many features such as monologue, interviews with guests, chitchat, spotlight on everyday people’s heartfelt, funny, or inspiring stories and talents, contests, and much more. The Aidan Mack Show will expand to one hour and five days a week show as fans, viewers, and sponsors grow.

Aidan Mack Coaching is an online coaching that provides all support, all encouragements, all motivations, and all inspirations to the individuals to fulfill their dreams, their goals, and their visions. Aidan Mack Coaching will walk with clients through the process of achieving specific personal or professional results.

After the TV talk show and coaching have been firmly established, Aidan Mack Productions will move on to the third division, video production and studio facility services. We will provide a variety of video production services and studio rentals in a building owned by Aidan Mack Productions.

As a result of these accomplishments, Aidan Mack Productions will donate to, sponsor and invest in three communities, which are the Deaf community, Children of parents with mental illnesses and alcoholism community, and animal community.

The launch dates of the official websites of the Aidan Mack Show, Aidan Mack Coaching, and Aidan Mack Productions will be announced.

On my graduation in 2009, the economy had crashed, leaving no job opportunities for people who just graduated. It went from hopeful to disaster, and however it did not stop me from reaching my goal. Out of a bad economy, I never thought that I would fall in love with the business world again. The last time I was an entrepreneur was when I was five years old until I turned 11. However, my love has flourished since my recent experience as an entrepreneur. As a filmmaker, I always thought I would be on the purely creative side of the business, but as soon as I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in filmmaking, I rediscovered that I was also interested in the business side of things.  My creative and business minds have merged together and here I am – an executive businesswoman and creator in the film/video industry.

As a Deaf entrepreneur, I face three ongoing challenges every day. I am always persistent to overcome these challenges and to not let them stop me from getting what I need to get done or accomplished.  Here are the challenges:

1. In our society, Deaf people are viewed as a group that is not capable of doing anything intelligently and creatively because of their deafness. I will share some business issues that are based on ignorance that may cause me to slow down or confront an obstacle that is preventing me from reaching my goal. How do we support business people and clients who are Hearing get past our deafness and focus on our talents and our services? How do we overcome these hurdles and attain our goals without hurting our opportunities? We will discuss them to find solutions so that way we can be productive entrepreneurs where we can focus on the business itself and our talents instead of focusing on our ears.

2. With the medical and education establishments’ deadly obsession in curing Deaf children’s deafness, many Deaf children’s education and ability of fluency in English writing was being prevented. Countless doctors, speech therapists, audiologists, and teachers, all with low expectations, invested (and wasted) their time in fixing Deaf children’s speech and hearing. This time could have been used to teach Deaf children to read and write English in the printed form [being visual]. Deaf children were barred access to a very important visual language, American Sign Language, that should have started when Deaf babies were born. The sooner ASL is exposed to Deaf babies, the easier Deaf children will develop fluency in English.

As a Deaf entrepreneur with English as my second language, it is expected to see some errors in my grammar if I do not have someone to proofread or to edit my work. I experience pressure when I have written to professionals through email, letters, proposals, or memos and editing services are not available. My management of the situation, along with the tools I use, prevents my English writing skills from becoming a barrier as I serve as the executive producer, host, and owner of the company, Aidan Mack Productions.

3. Communication in two different languages may create some barriers. The majority of hearing people are monolingual, while Deaf people are bilingual in writing and reading in English and using American Sign Language to communicate. Many hearing people would rather use spoken language and feel it is an effective and quick way to communicate. They become impatient when it comes to writing. And many of hearing people are illiterate, which may cause them to feel uncomfortable writing. It is impossible to write back and forth if the meeting has more than three people. The cost of an interpreting service can eat business funds quickly. If you work in the hearing community, whose responsibility to pay for interpreting service, it can be difficult for Deaf entrepreneurs without interpreters or with unqualified interpreters. Hearing people have a the upper hand in the business world; how can Deaf entrepreneurs overcome communication barriers with hearing business people without hurting their businesses or their reputation?

Now you know my business background and the challenges I face as a Deaf Entrepreneur. I welcome you to walk with me on my entrepreneurial journey to experience, to learn, to advise, to move, and to understand.

Sometimes I will write and sometimes I will use video, utilizing both languages, English and American Sign Language (ASL). Whenever I sign on video, I will either add subtitles or provide a transcript. Deaf and hearing readers/viewers are always welcome.

Please feel free to subscribe and leave your comment here. Feedback/suggestions/tips are always appreciated. Your comments are important. Please keep them clean and respectful; it’s all I ask for. I appreciate criticism but I don’t appreciate insults.

  1. Angela says:

    I want to say congratulations on your journey of career as filmmaker and so forth on. xo

  2. Dianrez says:

    Hi, Aidan, you go girl! I think blogs like this will give other Deaf entrepreneurs ideas and motivation to start their own businesses, and will join you on sharing ideas, too.

    A valuable resource for me is the Yahoo Groups. There are thousands of them, some good, some not good/spammer collectors. It depends on the leader of the group.

    The one I like best is Artshow Photo, a well-moderated group that shares info for people who photograph and exhibit their photos in artshows all over the country. It has business information like where to buy supplies and what credit card company is best. There might be a group for filmmakers, too, but it takes time to find the best-moderated ones.

  3. Catherine Busse says:

    HI Adian..
    U are so smart lady! I am so proud of u! Good luck with your filmmaker and along with your journey. I have seen some your filmMaking. They all are so wonderful.. I can see accomplished so well. Yeah, I agree with u about some deaf people do have some limits with their creatively because of their schools don’t teach them in their correctly levels. I was one of them. Oh your grammar seems to be successful and so so good. Smile! Good Luck again~~

  4. Terry Davis says:

    Maybe you’d want to have an interview on your talk show with Shane Van Boening, The World Champion Deaf Pro Pool Player.
    Shane is The 2007 US Open 9-Ball Champion
    2007 World 10 Ball Champion
    2007 Pro Player Of The Year
    Top Ranked Player in The World (Currently Ranked #3)
    Known in The Pool World simply as SVB or The South Dakota Kid
    Shane will be The Defending Champion This coming March 10-13 in Valley Forge at The Pro Players Championships.

  5. john vevier says:

    hey adian, im proud of you that you wrote being deaf enterpreneur on article. i want to say good luck with your goals on adianmacksfilm.com. your english language is so amanzing ! i know most of deaf people have trouble with english language in past and
    present now. it s very struggle for them to get better on english writing.

    please don’t give up until your successful goals in the future.

  6. Jasmin says:

    Congrats for your beginning journey for your new business 🙂

  7. bobbie says:

    ummm…let me see…you are an interesting,intelligent,and mature woman and you are the right person to have the talk show…it is coming on september 11th 2011. you deserve the best so come on,do your magnificent work on your new show,filming and showing your talent in the united states…congratulations to you and your new show!

  8. Keep up ur life and posture up ur successful! Wink!

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