Fear is one of the biggest factors that Entrepreneurs in business get stuck on. Fear can cause many entrepreneurs to fail.

Here’s a list of the most common questions that run through entrepreneurs’ minds:

  • What would happen if I stepped up in a more visible way?
  • Would people judge me harshly?
  • Where am I actually situated on the business ladder of success?
  • Am I being closer to or farther from success?
  • Am I jumping from the bottom rung of one ladder to the bottom rung of another ladder again and again?
  • Am I actually climbing up?
  • Will our business fail?
  • Will our reputations be at sake if our businesses fail?
  • What if our clients/consumers/viewers/fans do not want our service or product?
  • Will we have enough money to support the business?

It is also common for entrepreneurs to stop and to be frozen at the last stage when they start to run their business. It is like an analogy where the entrepreneurs climb up a pool ladder to go on the diving board. At the end of the diving board, we thought we had steady confidence and we are ready to jump into the water, but before we jump, we look down at the pool, and all of a sudden we feel fear rushing up through in our bodies and minds. Our hearts are pounding. Sweat bursts out. A thought pops up, “what if the shark comes out and bites us?”
Fear itself is a so powerful where it can become our barrier to success. Fear can be our stopper. The fear can paralyze us. The more upward we climb on the ladder, the more we feel fear.  We have to find a cure for fear. We need to destroy the fear. What is the point of having fear if its serves no purpose for our businesses and us?

As you know that there is are no ways for us to cure fear and it will always be a part of us. We can make a choice of what we can do with our fear. Fear can be our powerful ally if when we see what fear can do good to us as entrepreneurs.

Emotion itself is a neutral, which means the fear can also is be a neutral. It is about how we channel  or respond to our fear – negatively or positively. We basically have a choice. Let’s look at positive side of the fear. Fear will strive us to change. The fear will motivate us to take pro-actions. The fear will push us out of our comfort zones and move forward. The fear will prepare us for the upcoming challenges.

Entrepreneurs who plan to run their business, they will need to jump into the water without having the fear immobilizing them. The only thing is I can’t promise you is that a shark will not come out and bite us. There is no way knowing of who will get a bite from a shark. But I can promise you that you will live after the shark bites you. That’s what risk taking is all about. Some entrepreneurs will get bites by sharks many times before their businesses will succeed. Determination and persistence are the most important factors for entrepreneurs in their business.

The old saying goes, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”.  The successful people don’t give up no matter what is thrown their way – They continue to climb up on the ladder of business. The more we resist fear; the more we are being stuck with our business. Embrace our fears and channel them into a positive, useful approach.

Yes, Fear is useful for entrepreneurs if we channel our fears from negative to positive.


We do not want to be a brown noser, a butt-kisser or a person pleaser or else we will go crazy…Yet if we try to stay true to ourselves, would that will lead our company to downsize? How can we compromise with business and to stay true to ourselves? Ah… Are we stuck enough that we have no choice but to be a “butt kissing” entrepreneur? Ahh! I can’t imagine myself as an entrepreneur to be a butt kisser or brown noser – Ahh! Our dream as entrepreneurs is going to collapse.
Wait!  There’s hope!  Here is a good post on the blog, “5 Ways to Stay True to yourself and Not Offend Others in the Process.
This article is to surely give a hope for people who ally for staying true to ourselves, and it gives good tips that we need to be aware not to offend others in the process.
What are your thoughts on this? Any experiences that got you in trouble or in success for staying true to yourself? Is it good idea for entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves and yet making sure they aren’t stepping in other people’s boundaries?  Or do entrepreneurs need to learn how to become a butt kisser and brown noser in order to succeed their business?