Is there a better way to explain the Deaf community and its Economy?

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
Hi Everybody! I’m alive and breathing. I’m sorry for putting my blog to sleep for a long while. I’ve been busy working on my business. It’s doing good as it moves along slow but steady.
When people from outside the Deaf community ask me about the Deaf community and its economy, I wonder if what I tell them is offensive or degrading to the Deaf community. Please feel free to give me input on how I can explain it in better way.  Below is my response to their question.
From my understanding, Deaf populations in the Deaf community rely heavily on the government for money. A business model that the Deaf community uses often is to get cash flow from the government, not from people directly. The Deaf community has been oppressed for so many years. The hearing community has gotten the wrong concept about Deaf people which causes hearing people discomfort when working or interacting with Deaf people. The Deaf population is very small compared to the hearing population so that means that it would not be sufficient to earn revenue through the Deaf community alone. Unfortunately, in society, many Deaf people often experience that they have been barred from accessing languages, the media, information, resources, tools, rights and to an education that is not aurally focused. They were not given an opportunity to grow. Most of the decision makers of the Deaf community are hearing people. Right now, more and more Deaf people own business and earn money outside of government assistance, but we still have limited financial resources.  Currently, the Deaf community is experiencing growing pains with the transition from dependence to independence. It’s same thing with other minorities.
  1. John Mans says:

    Hello Aidan,
    It is true about Deaf community relies on the Government for needing the fund to support the non-profit organization for years and years. They do not make a great revenue due of attitudes from some Deaf people and hearing people too. We already know some Deaf people and some hearing people too did steal some money from Deaf clubs and non-profit organizations for many years. In result, they would not give some donation to some Deaf organization because they know their money would disappear to someone’s pocket. I did witness some Deaf people would refuse to contact Deaf owner(s) for repairing or upgrading like as computer, kitchen, bathroom due of ripoff the cost. Some Deaf people prefer contact hearing owner(s). I am sure some hearing owners are rip off too anyway and still never understand them in the first place. The bottom of line is “attitudes”

    I hope many Deaf communities will change their attitudes in the future for helping Deaf business in the long term. Deaf owners will return to help Deaf community. Deaf communities will become more stronger and would get hearing people’s attention.

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