Be Proactive

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Several years ago, my whitewater kayaking instructor told me that the important key is to stay proactive while kayaking and that way it will be more likely that your kayak will not flip. Whenever I face challenges while kayaking in the whitewater river I start to freeze, but I always remember my instructor’s advice — Stay proactive… And it works every time.

What does this story have to do with my TV talk show?

For a couple of weeks my show had faced a challenge that was worrisome and I used my experience as a kayaker and applied it to my show business by staying proactive and finding creative ways to overcome this challenge. I did that and my show got past this phase and moved in the right flow! Whew! It is important for us to stay proactive and not to give up. It gets better every time. The challenges will not go away but our confidence will increase and our fears will fade every time we get through the challenging times.

  1. Douglas Ray Kennedy says:


    Congrats for taking on the world by producing your own talk show. Be Proactive – Yes!
    Be Creative – Yes! Smile at all the Challenges – And Pleasantly Stomp Them To DUST!

    ….Shoot for the STARS!!!!


    From a Fellow Deaf Writer/ Playwright

    Douglas Ray Kennedy

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